What is another word for passer?

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There are a variety of synonyms for the word "passer" depending on its context. In the context of sports, "passer" can be replaced with "thrower" or "distributor" for someone who passes a ball or other object. In a social setting, "introducer" may be used for someone who introduces people to each other. In terms of transportation, "traveller" or "commuter" can be used for someone who is passing through a certain area or going from one place to another. "Visitor" can also be used in certain instances. In general, "passer" can be replaced with a variety of words depending on the situation and intended meaning.

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    Usage examples for Passer

    When we had got a little distance we pulled up, and to be certain that we had made no mistake, we inquired the name of the street of a passer-by.
    "Paddy Finn"
    W. H. G. Kingston
    "The season seeming to me not sufficiently advanced for this condition of vegetation, I exprest my astonishment to a passer-by, who replied to me: "'Alas!
    "Common Sense Subtitle: How To Exercise It"
    Their harmlessness and use in waging war on beetles, worms, and frogs, ought to save their lives; but they are snakes, and that suffices to cause every passer-by to strike at them with his staff.
    "Two Years in Oregon"
    Wallis Nash

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