What is another word for Patera?

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Patera is a Latin word that refers to a shallow bowl-shaped vessel used for libations or offerings. There are several synonyms for patera, such as a sacrificial bowl, libation bowl, or offering bowl. An oinochoe is a narrow-necked container used for pouring wine and is also sometimes referred to as a patera. In ancient Rome, there was a similar vessel called a simpulum which was used to measure and pour wine into the patera. The patera was often made of bronze, silver, or terra cotta and was decorated with intricate designs. It was used in various religious practices and was a crucial part of rituals to appease the gods.

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    How to use "Patera" in context?

    Patera are ancient jars, bowls or vases used for holding food or drink. The word derives from the Latin patēra, a pot, from Pater, father.

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