What is another word for vessel?

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[ vˈɛsə͡l], [ vˈɛsə‍l], [ v_ˈɛ_s_əl]

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How to use "Vessel" in context?

A vessel is a craft that is used for transporting people or cargo. Vessels can be either water or air borne. Water vessels include ships, boats, and canoes. Air borne vessels include airplanes, helicopters, and drones.

Boats are a common type of water vessel. They are used for transportation across bodies of water. Boats can be powered by engines, or they can be sail powered.

Commercial airplanes are the most common type of air-borne vessel. They are used for transport between airports. Commercial airplanes are often very large and luxurious.

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  • vesel, vessell.

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