What is another word for period piece?

Pronunciation: [pˈi͡əɹɪəd pˈiːs] (IPA)

A "period piece" is a term often associated with movies, TV shows, plays or literature that are set in a particular era of history and are distinct for their attention to detail and accuracy. However, there are several alternative words that can be used to describe a "period piece" such as antique, nostalgic, vintage, or historical fiction. An antique often refers to a piece or an object of art from the past that has a sentimental or historical value. Nostalgic focuses more on the emotions attached to a particular period and vintage talks about the originality of something. While historical fiction pertains to narratives that are set in a past time period, but the events and characters are fictional.

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Famous quotes with Period piece

  • In the 90's action pictures were all the rage. As a woman, I was fed up with them and I initially thought that the script was just another action film dressed up as a period piece.
    Madeleine Stowe
  • When I look back upon the choices I made in making , I feel they were pretty ballsy. I just thought there has to be a reason why I was doing a period piece. I wanted to say, "Look, we are rich because of slavery. We stole people and made them into slaves. Nothing comes for free." I didn't want to do another English dance party.
    Patricia Rozema

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