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The word "canon" is derived from the Greek word "kanon," which means a rule or a guiding principle. It has been used to refer to a wide range of objects, from biblical texts to artistic works. Some synonyms for the word "canon" are criterion, standard, principle, rule, regulation, guideline, and law. In literature, a canon refers to a collection of essential works that represent the highest quality of a particular genre or era. In photography, it is a term used for the official list of lenses and cameras made by a specific brand. The use of synonyms for the word "canon" can help us navigate through different contexts with ease.

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    The dictionary definition of canon is "a standard or rule of interpretation or a body of texts accepted as authoritative." When discussing stories, movies, and other works of art, "canon" generally refers to the set of stories, movies, and other works that are considered to be authoritative and are deemed to be worthy of being followed.

    In the world of storytelling, "canon" is usually determined by a storyteller or group of storytellers who have the authority to make such determinations. Because these storytellers may have their own opinons, biases, and interpretations, it can be difficult to determine what counts as "canon.

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