What is another word for placentals?

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[ pləsˈɛntə͡lz], [ pləsˈɛntə‍lz], [ p_l_ə_s_ˈɛ_n_t_əl_z]

Placental mammals, also known as Eutherians, are a diverse group of animals, which constitute over 94% of all mammalian species. They are named as Placentals because they have a well-developed placenta, which nourishes the developing fetus in the uterus. There are several synonyms for the word Placentals, including Eutherians, Euarchontoglires, Therians, and Placentalia. The term Eutherians is derived from the Greek word "eu," meaning true or real, and "therion," meaning wild animal. Euarchontoglires comes from the Greek word "eu," meaning true, "archon," meaning ruler, and "glires," meaning rodents and lagomorphs. The name Therians is derived from the Greek word "therion," meaning animal.

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