What is another word for plexus?

Pronunciation: [plˈɛksəs] (IPA)

Plexus refers to a network of nerves, blood vessels, or lymphatics that form a complex web-like structure. There are several synonyms for the word plexus, including reticulum, meshwork, network, labyrinth, grid, and tangle. These words are used interchangeably to describe the intricate interconnections, overlaps, and interweaving of these complex biological structures. The plexus serves as a crucial pathway and critical junction for communication and transportation of nutrients, hormones, and oxygen. The interdependence and intricate organization of the plexus play an important role in the efficient functioning of several vital systems such as the nervous, cardiovascular and lymphatic systems in the human body.

Synonyms for Plexus:

What are the hypernyms for Plexus?

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What are the hyponyms for Plexus?

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Usage examples for Plexus

Came a low belly grunt of terror as if an invisible hand had punched them in their solar plexus.
Charles Beadle
If you've never sat on a hard board and wanted to be between two halfbacks with your hands on their shoulders, and the quarter ready to sock a ball into your solar plexus, and eleven men daring you to dodge 'em, and nine thousand friends and enemies raising Cain and keeping him well propped up in the grandstands-if you haven't had that want you wouldn't know a healthy, able-bodied want if you ran into it on the street.
"At Good Old Siwash"
George Fitch
You must have landed Larssen a hefty one on the solar plexus.
"Swirling Waters"
Max Rittenberg

Famous quotes with Plexus

  • What is it about genus arboretum that socks us in the figurative solar plexus We see a logging truck go cruising down the road, stacked with a bunch of those fresh-cut giants, we feel like we lost a brother. Next thing you know, we're in The Brick, we're flopping money down on the bar. Wood. We're under a roof. Wood. We're walking the floors. Wood. Grabbing a pool cue. That's wood. Our friends in the forest carry a set of luggage from the mythical baggage carousel. Tree of life, tree of knowledge, family tree, Buddha's Bodhi tree. Page one of life, in the beginning. Genesis 322. Adam and Eve. They're kicking back in the garden of Eden and boom, they get an eviction notice. Why is that Lest they should also take of the tree of life, eat and live forever. A definitive Yahweh no-no. Be good to yourself, go out and plant a wet one on a tree.
    Diane Frolov
  • And then he lay there in his fever of sorry and repeated the now memorized note in his head and wanted to cry, but instead he only felt this aching behind his solar plexus. Crying something: crying is you, plus tears. But the feeling Colin had was some horrible opposite of crying. It was you, minus something.
    John Green (author)
  • He snorted and hit me in the solar plexus. I bent over and took hold of the room with both hands and spun it. When I had it nicely spinning I gave it a full swing and hit myself on the back of the head with the floor.
    Raymond Chandler

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