What is another word for populated area?

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[ pˈɒpjʊlˌe͡ɪtɪd ˈe͡əɹi͡ə], [ pˈɒpjʊlˌe‍ɪtɪd ˈe‍əɹi‍ə], [ p_ˈɒ_p_j_ʊ_l_ˌeɪ_t_ɪ_d ˈeə_ɹ_iə]

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    Synonyms for Populated area:

    How to use "Populated area" in context?

    One of the most basic concepts in geography is the definition of a populated area. Simply put, a populated area is an area with a high concentration of people. This can be a city, a town, or even a small village.

    Population density is a key factor in defining a populated area. A populated area has a high population density when there are a lot of people living in a small area. For example, a city with a population of 100,000 people has a higher population density than a city with a population of 50,000 people.

    Another key factor in defining a populated area is the availability of transportation.

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