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Pronunciation: [bˈaɹɪˌə͡ʊ] (IPA)

The word "barrio" originally came from Spanish, and is typically used to refer to a specific community or neighborhood, often one that is characterized by a particularly close-knit and supportive group of residents. There are many synonyms and alternative words that can be used to describe this type of place, including "neighborhood" or "community", as well as more specific terms like "enclave", "quartier", or "borough". Depending on the context, different words may be more appropriate, so it's important to consider the tone, audience, and subject matter of your writing when selecting the right synonym for "barrio".

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The word 'Barrio' is a Spanish word that describes a neighborhood or a district in a city. Some antonyms of the word "barrio" include words like 'suburb,' 'metropolis,' 'downtown,' 'CBD' (central business district), and 'peri-urban.' These words represent different views of settlements, and often, they are used to describe areas with different characteristics. While Barrio represents a neighborhood with a distinct cultural flavor, the suburbs represent a residential area typically located outside the city center, and the CBD represents the commercial center of a city. The antonyms of Barrio, therefore, represent the diverse urban spaces found in modern cities.

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These names in no way refer to political or social divisions - they are not the "barrio" of the coast pueblos of the Islands, neither are they in any way like a "ward" in an American city, nor are they "additions" to an original part of the pueblo - they are names of geographic areas over which the pueblo was built or has spread.
"The Bontoc Igorot"
Albert Ernest Jenks
They go to this little barrio where we going, and go into nipa shack.
"The Golden Skull"
John Blaine
They had reached the barrio where the meeting was to be held.
"The Golden Skull"
John Blaine

Famous quotes with Barrio

  • The policy of affirmative action, however, was never able to distinguish someone like me (a graduate student of English, ambitious for a college teaching career) from a slightly educated Mexican-American who lived in a barrio and worked as a menial laborer, never expecting a future improved. Worse, affirmative action made me the beneficiary of his conditions.
    Richard Rodriguez

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