What is another word for pouffe?

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[ pˈuːf], [ pˈuːf], [ p_ˈuː_f]

Pouffe, a type of cushioned seat without arms or back, is often used as a trendy addition to modern interiors. There are several synonyms for the word "pouffe," which can be employed to give a more refined touch to home decor. Some of the synonyms include hassock, ottoman, footstool, beanbag, floor cushion, floor pillow, and beanbag chair. Each of these synonyms has its own unique characteristics that can match the interior designs of different homes, whether modern or traditional. By using synonyms for the word pouffe, individuals can add variety to their interior decor while providing a comfortable seating option.

Synonyms for Pouffe:

How to use "Pouffe" in context?

Pouffe is a French word meaning cushions. It is a type of sofa typically made of two armless pieces of furniture with a padded seat and back.

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