What is another word for power plant?

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A power plant is an essential facility that generates electricity by converting various forms of energy such as nuclear, thermal, hydro, solar, wind and more. Synonyms for power plants include electric facility, energy center, generating station or power station. Other related words that can be used in place of power plant are power grid, renewable energy plant, energy park, and electric power station. These terms refer to different types of facilities that are involved in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity. Regardless of the words used, a power plant is a vital structure that plays a significant role in our daily lives.

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How to use "Power plant" in context?

Power plants are large and complex industrial plants that convert fossil fuels into electricity. Fossil fuels usually include coal, oil, and natural gas. Power plants can be either steam-powered or gas-fired. The most common type of power plant is a gas-fired plant.

A power plant typically has four basic parts: the furnace, the boiler, the steam turbine, and the electric generator. The furnace heats natural gas or coal until it becomes very hot and starts to turn into steam. The steam turbine turns the steam into mechanical power. The electric generator converts the mechanical power into electricity.

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