What is another word for motive power?

Pronunciation: [mˈə͡ʊtɪv pˈa͡ʊə] (IPA)

Motive power refers to the force that propels a vehicle or machine forward, and there are several synonyms for this term. One common synonym is "propulsion," which describes the process of driving or moving something forward. Other synonyms for motive power include "driving force," "energy source," and "thrust." "Impetus" and "momentum" can also be used to describe the force that moves something along. In the context of vehicles, "engine power" or "horsepower" can be used to describe the amount of force generated by a vehicle's engine. Ultimately, these synonyms all point to the same concept of the force that is required to move something forward or keep it in motion.

Famous quotes with Motive power

  • The motive power of democracy is love.
    Henri Bergson
  • Some people are born with a vital and responsive energy. It not only enables them to keep abreast of the times; it qualifies them to furnish in their own personality a good bit of the motive power to the mad pace.
    Kate Chopin
  • What appeared to the earlier physicists to be the constant quantity of heat is nothing more than the whole motive power of the motion of heat, which remains constant so long as it is not transformed into other forms of work, or results afresh from them.
    Hermann von Helmholtz
  • He is the best sailor who can steer within fewest points of the wind, and exact a motive power out of the greatest obstacles.
    Walter Scott
  • That it was actual and serious in France as in the Senate Chamber at Washington, proved itself at once by forcing Adams to buy an automobile, which was a supreme demonstration because this was the form of force which Adams most abominated. He had set aside the summer for study of the Virgin, not as a sentiment but as a motive power, which had left monuments widely scattered and not easily reached. The automobile alone could unite them in any reasonable sequence, and although the force of the automobile, for the purposes of a commercial traveller, seemed to have no relation whatever to the force that inspired a Gothic cathedral, the Virgin in the twelfth century would have guided and controlled both bag-man and architect, as she controlled the seeker of history.
    Henry Adams

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