What is another word for press corps?

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The term "press corps" refers to a group of journalists who report on a particular beat or topic. Synonyms for "press corps" include "media corps," "reporting team," "news agency," "journalism group," "news team," "press association," "reporters' pool," "news gathering organization," and "journalism battalion." These terms are often used interchangeably in news and media contexts to describe a group of reporters covering a major news event or political campaign. The press corps is a crucial part of the media landscape, providing accurate reporting and balanced news coverage to inform the public and hold those in power accountable.

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    How to use "Press corps" in context?

    The press corps is a group of journalists who follow the activities of politicians and other public figures. These journalists often work for large newspapers or electronic media outlets. They are often required to travel to various events to cover stories.

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