What is another word for newsman?

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The term "newsman" is a gender-specific term that is commonly used to refer to a male journalist. However, there are various synonyms that can be used to refer to a journalist, regardless of gender. Some synonyms for "newsman" include reporter, journalist, correspondent, newswriter, news anchor, news presenter, and news broadcaster. These terms have a broader scope and can be used to refer to professionals in the field of journalism who are involved in reporting and presenting news stories. In today's world, gender-neutral language is becoming increasingly important, and therefore, using these synonyms instead of using male-specific terms like "newsman" is a more inclusive and respectful approach.

How to use "Newsman" in context?

Every day, reporters turn to their keyboards to write stories that will touch the lives of people all over the world. They work hard gathering information and turning it into a story that people can understand.

Reporters are usually people who are very good at communicating. They have to be able to get their point of view out to the public and make them understand what is happening. They also have to be able to tell a good story.

Some of the most famous reporters in the world are Walter Cronkite, Ted Koppel, and David Brinkley. They are all legends in the journalism world because of the quality of their work.

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