What is another word for prison term?

Pronunciation: [pɹˈɪzən tˈɜːm] (IPA)

There are numerous synonyms available for the term "prison term". Some of the most common ones include incarceration, confinement, imprisonment, detention, and custody. These words signify a legal penalty for a crime, typically requiring the convicted person to stay in a correctional facility for a certain duration. Other possible synonyms for this concept could include time behind bars, a sentence, or time served. Each term may impressionately offer a slight variation in connotation or emphasis, but all ultimately refer to the same concept of a person's time spent serving legal punishment in a correctional facility or jail.

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Famous quotes with Prison term

  • Turning away from the computer I saw through my own narrow window (at least it opened) the green, the blue, the flashes. I looked to the clock, the screen, the window. An hour passed, then two. I looked again at the clock and saw it had been only twenty minutes. I willed the second-hand, the minute-hand, the hour-hand to move faster, to deliver me to five o'clock when I would be released as from my prison term. Then suddenly I stopped, struck by the absurdity of wishing away the only thing I've got. Eight hours, eighty years, it was all too similar. Would I wish away the years until the day of my retirement, until my time was once again my own? At work I tried to keep busy to make the hours pass quickly. It was no different when watching television, socializing, moving frenetically--there are so many ways to kill time.
    Derrick Jensen

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