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A sentence is a group of words that express a complete thought. It is an important element of communication and writing. There are several synonyms for the word "sentence" that can be used in various contexts. Some common synonyms include phrase, line, expression, declaration, statement, and utterance. Phrase denotes a combination of words that convey a particular meaning. Line refers to a single line of text or speech. Expression is a general term for any group of words that conveys a particular idea or feeling. Declaration and statement are specific types of sentences that assert or express something. Lastly, utterance is a broader term that can refer to any spoken or written words.

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    A sentence is a collection of words that forms a paragraph or a larger unit of writing. In English, a sentence is typically made up of one or more nouns, adjectives, articles, and verbs. A sentence may also contain punctuation marks, such as periods and commas.

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