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The word "prostitute" is often considered derogatory and offensive, which is why it's essential to have various synonyms to avoid hurting anyone's feelings. Some alternative terms for prostitute include sex worker, call girl, escort, courtesan, streetwalker, harlot, and hooker. Each of these phrases holds a slightly different connotation and may have varying degrees of formality or crudeness. It's crucial to use appropriate language when referring to sex workers to avoid perpetuating harmful stereotypes and stigmas. Regardless of the word chosen, it's important to treat sex workers with respect and dignity, as they provide a valuable service and have the same rights as any other individual.

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How to use "Prostitute" in context?

The prostitute is an individual who provides sexual services for monetary gain. Prostitution is not a victimless crime, as prostitutes often face violence and discrimination from both their clients and society at large. Despite this, many prostitutes find that the trade offers them opportunities for self-discovery and emancipation.

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