What is another word for stripper?

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There are several synonyms for the word "stripper," including exotic dancer, burlesque performer, pole dancer, and adult entertainer. Each of these terms refers to someone who performs a suggestive or erotic dance routine, usually in a nightclub or similar venue. While some people might associate the term "stripper" with a negative connotation, these alternative terms can be used to describe the same profession in a more positive light. However, it's important to note that all of these terms should be used respectfully and without judgement towards those who have chosen this line of work.

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    The term "stripper" has various connotations, some negative and some neutral. If we were to look for antonyms, we'd have to find words with the opposite meanings of the different senses of the word "stripper." In the context of removing clothing, antonyms could include conservator, clothier, or modest dresser. In the context of a person who strips wire or paint, antonyms could include protector or preserver. If we look at the negative connotations of a stripper, such as objectification or exploitation, some possible antonyms would be advocate, liberator, or champion of rights. Overall, the antonyms for the word "stripper" reflect different aspects of modesty, preservation, and empowerment.

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    Usage examples for Stripper

    This latter roller transferred the wool on to the main cylinder and acted as a stripper for the first worker roller.
    "The Scholfield Wool-Carding Machines"
    Grace L. Rogers
    The stripper is an Australian invention.
    "Wheat Growing in Australia"
    Australia Department of External Affairs
    When this is full the stripper is driven to a picked place in the paddock and emptied.
    "Wheat Growing in Australia"
    Australia Department of External Affairs

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