What is another word for provocations?

Pronunciation: [pɹɒvəkˈe͡ɪʃənz] (IPA)

Provocations refer to actions or statements that are intended to provoke a reaction or response from someone. The word "provocations" can be replaced with several synonyms such as incitements, taunts, insults, goadings, irritations, instigations, and stimuli. Incitements imply an attempt to stir up feelings of anger or rebellion in someone. Taunts and insults are words or behavior that are aimed at provoking or ridiculing someone. Goadings are persistent verbal or physical agitation, while irritations are milder in nature, annoying or frustrating. Instigations are actions or words that lead someone to embark on a particular course of action. Finally, stimuli are events or experiences that generate an emotional or behavioral response.

What are the hypernyms for Provocations?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Famous quotes with Provocations

  • I have some security that could protect me against provocations but of course there are more terrible actions that could not be stopped by any security.
    Garry Kasparov
  • The approval of the public is to be avoided like the plague. It is absolutely essential to keep the public from entering if one wishes to avoid confusion. I must add that the public must be kept panting in expectation at the gate by a system of challenges and provocations.
    André Breton
  • It is all very well for intellectuals in their air-conditioned offices to bemoan the unbelievable impact of either mean-spirited or silly rumours in the genesis of communal riots among the common folk. But in this instance, in their own reports on and analysis of communal violence, factual data were just as shamelessly replaced with invention, rumours and conspiracy theories. In this respect, religious extremists such as the Shahi Imam have behaved themselves better than the secularist campaigners who pose as the guardians of modernity and the scientific temper. Arundhati Roy risked the international fame she so clearly cherishes by going public with blatant lies about atrocities against named Gujarati Muslim women who turned out to be either non-existent or abroad at the time of the riots. Perhaps a fiction writer can afford this, but the news media with their deontology of accuracy and objectivity made themselves guilty of similar howlers. Internationally influential media like the Washington Post copied from an Islamist website rumours about Hindu provocations behind the Godhra carnage, falsely claiming a Gujarati journalist as source, and never publishing a correction when the journalist in question denied ever having put out such a story. With such media, who needs rumors?
    Koenraad Elst
  • Enthusiasm is achieved chiefly by means of provocations. In these cases, something inside of us resonates vibrantly with something outside. / The form of the provocation—be it book, music, sporting event, conversation—matters insofar as it might help to us find these sources of resonance.
    Carson Cistulli
  • There is a sort of dead-alive, hackneyed people about, who are scarcely conscious of living except in the exercise of some conventional occupation. … They have no curiosity; they cannot give themselves over to random provocations; they do not take pleasure in the exercise of their faculties for its own sake; and unless necessity lays about them with a stick, they will even stand still. It is no good speaking to such folk: they cannot be idle, their nature is not generous enough; and they pass those hours in a sort of coma, which are not dedicated to furious moiling in the gold-mill.
    Robert Louis Stevenson

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