What is another word for prod?

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Prod is a common verb used to describe poking or urging someone or something. However, there are several synonyms for prod that can be used as alternate ways to describe the action. Some examples include prompt, egg on, spur, goad, nudge, and push. These words can help to add variation and depth to your writing, avoiding repetition and making your writing more interesting. When selecting alternate verbs, consider the context and tone of your writing, and choose words that best convey the desired message. Whether writing a casual email or a formal essay, having a range of vocabulary at your disposal can only enhance your writing skills.

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    Prod is typically used as a verb meaning to poke or push someone or something in order to get them to take action. An antonym for prod, therefore, would be a word that describes the opposite of pushing or poking. Some possible antonyms for prod might include words like pull, coax, cajole, or entice. Pulling someone gently or coaxing them with kind words can be just as effective as prodding them aggressively, depending on the situation. By considering antonyms for common words like prod, we can expand our vocabulary and learn to communicate in more nuanced and effective ways.

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    Take cross and pike and gold and sophistry, To pray and prod and purchase, wheedle, wile; Stamp out the roses in a waste of weeds, Shout while the trembling voice of truth is hushed.
    "The Three Heron's Feathers"
    Hermann Sudermann
    He'd get up and go about a little whenever we'd prod 'im, but he'd lie down whenever our backs was turned.
    "Dixie Hart"
    Will N. Harben
    We've been keeping on the prod.
    "Border, Breed Nor Birth"
    Dallas McCord Reynolds

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