What is another word for pure mathematics?

Pronunciation: [pjˈʊ͡ə mˌaθɪmˈatɪks] (IPA)

Pure mathematics is a branch of mathematics that aims to study and discover mathematical concepts, theories, and structures without necessarily having practical applications. Synonyms for pure mathematics include theoretical mathematics and abstract mathematics. Theoretical mathematics refers to mathematical concepts and theories that are studied purely for their own sake. Abstract mathematics, on the other hand, pertains to the study of mathematical structures and concepts that are purely theoretical, with no real-world applications. Other synonyms for pure mathematics include foundational mathematics, fundamental mathematics, and mathematical theory. Despite having different synonyms, pure mathematics all share the same goal - to study mathematics in its purest form.

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Famous quotes with Pure mathematics

  • pure mathematics is on the whole distinctly more useful than applied. For what is useful above all is technique, and mathematical technique is taught mainly through pure mathematics.
    Godfrey Harold Hardy
  • I had changed from being a mathematician to a practicing scientist. I was increasingly embarassed that I could no longer follow some of the more modern branches of pure mathematics.
    John Pople
  • The object of pure physics is the unfolding of the laws of the intelligible world; the object of pure mathematics that of unfolding the laws of human intelligence.
    James Joseph Sylvester
  • General Systems Theory is a name which has come into use to describe a level of theoretical model-building which lies somewhere between the highly generalized constructions of pure mathematics and the specific theories of the specialized disciplines. Mathematics attempts to organize highly general relationships into a coherent system, a system however which does not have any necessary connections with the "real" world around us. It studies all thinkable relationships abstracted from any concrete situation or body of empirical knowledge.
    Kenneth Boulding
  • Fifty years ago Kurt Gödel... proved that the world of pure mathematics is inexhaustible. … I hope that the notion of a final statement of the laws of physics will prove as illusory as the notion of a formal decision process for all mathematics.
    Freeman Dyson

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