What is another word for calculus?

Pronunciation: [kˈalkjʊləs] (IPA)

Calculus is a mathematical subject that deals with the study of functions, limits, derivatives, and integrals. It is often referred to as the study of change and motion. There are several synonyms for the word calculus such as mathematical analysis, differential and integral calculus, infinitesimal calculus, and limit analysis. Mathematical analysis is used to study the behavior of mathematical functions by using mathematical concepts such as derivatives and integrals. Differential and integral calculus is a branch of calculus that studies change and rate of change. Infinitesimal calculus is the study of continuous mathematical analysis. Limit analysis is used to describe the behavior of mathematical functions as they approach a limit.

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Calculus is a complex branch of mathematics that deals with the study of continuous change and its processes. However, there are some antonyms for the word calculus, which means the opposite of calculus. The first antonym for calculus is simplicity, which means the state of being easy and straightforward. Another antonym for calculus is ignorance, which means a lack of knowledge or understanding. A third antonym for calculus is vagueness, which means the state of being imprecise or unclear. Finally, a fourth antonym for calculus is simplicity, which means the quality or state of being uncomplicated or not complex. These antonyms provide contrasting concepts to calculus and allow for a better understanding of the term.

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Usage examples for Calculus

I suppose you think, like the rest of the chaps who never came out to practice but observed the game from the dollar-and-a-half seats, that being coached in football is like being instructed in German or calculus.
"At Good Old Siwash"
George Fitch
He can't get his calculus because he is busy figuring on a much more difficult problem; he is trying to figure whether three dances with some other fellow mean anything more to Her than charity.
"At Good Old Siwash"
George Fitch
That night I began putting two and two and fractional numbers together and called in calculus and second sight on the problem.
"At Good Old Siwash"
George Fitch

Famous quotes with Calculus

  • I was more interested in skating and the girls and traveling than I was in calculus.
    Scott Hamilton
  • This is a tricky domain because, unlike simple arithmetic, to solve a calculus problem - and in particular to perform integration - you have to be smart about which integration technique should be used: integration by partial fractions, integration by parts, and so on.
    Marvin Minsky
  • Hard to be a physics major at Rice University if you have flunked calculus.
    Elizabeth Moon
  • My first degree came years before my second. I had wanted to be a physicist, but I flunked calculus.
    Elizabeth Moon
  • If one looks at the different problems of the integral calculus which arise naturally when one wishes to go deep into the different parts of physics, it is impossible not to be struck by the analogies existing.
    Henri Poincare

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