What is another word for rank order?

Pronunciation: [ɹˈaŋk ˈɔːdə] (IPA)

Rank order is a term used when describing a systematic arrangement in the order of importance or relevance. There are various synonyms for this term, and some of the popular ones include 'hierarchy,' 'classification,' 'grading,' 'priority,' and 'ranking.' When you refer to rank order, you are essentially talking about how different items or components are arranged based on a specific criterion. For instance, in an academic setting, students' grades can be arranged in rank order from the highest to the lowest. In business, employees can also be ranked in order of performance, which helps in decision making and promotions. Overall, understanding synonyms for rank order can help you communicate more effectively in various contexts.

Synonyms for Rank order:

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Famous quotes with Rank order

  • Let me first explain, then, what I mean by moral and moral science. A moral or ethical proposition, is a statement about a rank order of preference among alternatives, which is intended to apply to more than one person. A preference which applies to one person only is a taste. Statements of this kind are often called "value judgments." If someone says, "I prefer A to B," this is a personal value judgment, or a taste. If he says, "A is better than B," there is an implication that he expects other people to prefer A to B also, as well as himself. A moral proposition then is a "common value".
    Kenneth Boulding

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