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The term "sequence" refers to an ordered set of items, events, or actions. However, there are various synonyms for this word that can be used depending on the context. "Series" can be used when referring to a collection of events or objects that occur one after the other, while "succession" can be used to describe a sequence of related events or people. "Order" typically refers to the arrangement of items within a sequence, and "progression" can be used to describe a sequence in which each element builds on the previous one. "Chain" is another synonym that refers to a connected and ordered series of items or events, while "concatenation" is a more technical term that describes the act of linking together sequences or sets.

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The sequence of neurons in a brain is not static. The number of active neurons in different areas of the brain can change over time, depending on the activity level of those areas. This change, called "brain activity temporal dynamics," is just one of the many mysteries of the brain.

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