What is another word for rodentia?

Pronunciation: [ɹə͡ʊdˈɛnʃə] (IPA)

The term Rodentia refers to the order of mammals characterized by two large incisors in their upper and lower jaws, used for gnawing. There are many synonyms for the term "Rodentia" that are commonly used such as rodents, mice, rats, voles, squirrels, and beavers. Rodents are found almost everywhere in the world, including deserts, forests, grasslands, and even aquatic habitats. They play an essential role in the ecosystem as they are preyed upon by many predators such as foxes, owls, snakes, and eagles. Rodents are also important for humans as they help control insect populations, disperse seeds, and serve as a source of food and fur.

Synonyms for Rodentia:

What are the hypernyms for Rodentia?

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  • Other hypernyms:

    Eutheria (Placental mammals), Vertebrata (Vertebrates), mammalia (mammals).

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Usage examples for Rodentia

Squirrels are some of the most beautiful of the rodentia, and chiefly live in trees.
"Anecdotes of the Habits and Instinct of Animals"
R. Lee
Ribeyro's account of pearl-diving, 378. Rilawa monkey, 5. rodentia, 41, 74. Rogers, Major, story of his horse, 84. his death by lightning, 84 n.
"Sketches of the Natural History of Ceylon"
J. Emerson Tennent
Each of these orders is represented in the Miocene epoch: the Eocene formation, as I have already said, contains Cheiroptera, Insectivora, rodentia, Ungulata, Carnivora, and Cetacea.
"Critiques and Addresses"
Thomas Henry Huxley

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