What is another word for hystricomorpha?

Pronunciation: [hˈɪstɹɪkˌɒmɔːfə] (IPA)

Hystricomorpha refers to a suborder of rodents that includes guinea pigs, porcupines, and chinchillas. There are several synonyms for this word, including caviomorphs, cavy-like rodents, and South American hystricognaths. Caviomorphs are so-called because they have enlarged cheek teeth, similar to the Cavidae rodent family, which includes guinea pigs. The term "cavy-like rodents" is also used to describe this suborder, and it is a reference to the short, stout body shape and compact head that is common to many Hystricomorphs. Finally, the term South American hystricognaths is used to distinguish this group from the Old World hystricognaths, which includes the African porcupine and the crested porcupine.

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Usage examples for Hystricomorpha

The Simple-toothed Rodents are more numerous, and consist of about eighteen families arranged under three sections, which are Sciuromorpha, or Squirrel-like Rodents, Myomorpha or Rat-like Rodents, and hystricomorpha, or Porcupine-like Rodents.
"Natural History of the Mammalia of India and Ceylon"
Robert A. Sterndale

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