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Rom is commonly used as an abbreviation for "read-only memory", a type of computer memory that cannot be altered. However, ROM can also refer to "romance", indicating a love affair or romantic relationship. There are many synonyms for this type of romantic connection, including "affair", "liaison", "fling", "tryst", and "amour". Other related terms include "courtship", "dating", "wooing", and "seducing". Each of these words implies a slightly different aspect of romance, from the initial stages of attraction to the more fleeting aspects of a brief fling or illicit affair. In any case, the word "rom" can evoke a wealth of associations and emotions related to love and human relationships.

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Ancient Greeks and romans believed in many forms of gods and goddesses. Some were gods who had human aspects, such as Apollo, who was both the sun god and a god of music. Others were goddesses such as Diana, the goddess of the hunt, who had animal aspects.

But perhaps the most popular form of god or goddess was the Roman god or goddess of love, known variously as Cupid, Mars, or Quirinus. In addition to being worshipped as gods, Cupid and other loves gods were sometimes worshiped as part of a household altar to bring good luck.

Romans also believed in heroes and villains.

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