What is another word for rood lofts?

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[ ɹˈuːd lˈɒfts], [ ɹˈuːd lˈɒfts], [ ɹ_ˈuː_d l_ˈɒ_f_t_s]

Rood lofts, also known as jubes, are architectural features found in medieval churches that were used as platforms for the reading and singing of scripture. There are several synonyms for rood lofts, including choir screens, chancel screens, and pulpitums, all of which refer to similar structures found in churches during the Middle Ages. Other terms used to describe rood lofts include rood screens, organ lofts, and triforia, although these terms may have slightly different meanings depending on the specific church or region where they are found. Regardless of their exact terminology, these medieval architectural features continue to fascinate historians and architectural enthusiasts alike.

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