What is another word for abode?

Pronunciation: [ɐbˈə͡ʊd] (IPA)

Abode is a commonly used word that means a place where one lives. Synonyms for abode include dwelling, residence, home, house, place of dwelling, domicile, lodging, habitation, and quarters. Each of these words can be used interchangeably with abode in most contexts. However, there are subtle differences in meaning between some of the synonyms. For example, dwelling and residence often imply a permanent living situation, while lodging and quarters suggest a more temporary or transient living arrangement. Regardless of which synonym is used, all refer to the physical space that one lives in, with all of the comforts and necessities that entails.

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What are the opposite words for abode?

Abode refers to a residence or dwelling place. Antonyms for the word 'abode' include terms like transient or temporary dwelling. This implies locations such as motels, hotels, or even tents that are temporary and not permanent. Other antonyms may include words like workplace or office. This means a place that isn't associated with living, but rather with work or professional life. Antonyms for 'abode' could also include places like hospitals or rehab centers, which are typically not permanent residences but places where people receive treatment or care. In essence, antonyms for 'abode' indicate the opposite of a permanent and personal residence.

What are the antonyms for Abode?

  • n.

    building or place where one resides

Usage examples for Abode

They came therefore and saw where He abode; and they abode with Him that day: it was about the tenth hour.
"The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I"
Marcus Dods
And having said these things unto them, He abode still in Galilee.
"The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I"
Marcus Dods
After they had been settled in the new abode, Knowlton dropped in to see me.
"I Walked in Arden"
Jack Crawford

Famous quotes with Abode

  • Our abode in this world is transitory, our life therein is but a loan, our breaths are numbered and our indolence is manifest.
    Abu Bakr
  • And for myself, I think for the present He is calling me to another land; but how long shall be my abode, or what employment He has for me there, I know not, for I cannot think He is taking me there to live and lurk only.
    Donald Cargill
  • A man is born alone and dies alone; and he experiences the good and bad consequences of his karma alone; and he goes alone to hell or the Supreme abode.
  • Step by step a powerful and enterprising race has driven them back from the Atlantic to the West until at last there is scarcely a spot of ground upon which the Indians have any certainty of maintaining a permanent abode.
    Nelson A. Miles
  • Love and dignity cannot share the same abode.

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