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[ ɹˈuːdɪbˌɒk], [ ɹˈuːdɪbˌɒk], [ ɹ_ˈuː_d_ɪ_b_ˌɒ_k]

Roodebok, also known as red buck, is an antelope found in southern Africa. Its scientific name is Aepyceros melampus. The word "roodebok" is derived from the Afrikaans language, with "roo" meaning red and "bok" meaning antelope or goat. Some synonyms for roodebok include impala, duiker, reedbuck, and steenbok. Impalas are similar to roodeboks in appearance and live in the same regions of Africa. Duikers are smaller antelopes that also have reddish-brown coloring and inhabit wooded areas. Reedbucks are medium-sized antelopes that live near water sources, while steenboks are small antelopes that have distinct bushy tails.

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Usage examples for Roodebok

There came Roodebok, and said to Tortoise, "Give me water!"
"South-African Folk-Tales"
James A. Honey

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