What is another word for rosmarinus?

Pronunciation: [ɹˈɒzməɹˌɪnəs] (IPA)

Rosmarinus, the scientific name of the herb commonly known as rosemary, is derived from the Latin word "ros" meaning dew and "marinus" meaning sea. Rosemary is native to the Mediterranean region, where it grows in abundance and is widely used in cooking and traditional medicine. In English, rosemary is also known as "dew of the sea." Synonyms for rosemary include "compass plant," "garden rosemary," "Mary's mantle," and "old-man." In other languages, it is known as "romarin" in French, "rosmarino" in Italian, and "rosmarin" in Swedish. Regardless of what it's called, rosemary is a versatile and cherished herb that holds much value in the culinary and medicinal worlds.

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Usage examples for Rosmarinus

rosmarinus officinalis, L. Nom.
"The Medicinal Plants of the Philippines"
T. H. Pardo de Tavera
54. Rosemary, rosmarinus; Soverainly Cephalic, and for the Memory, Sight, and Nerves, incomparable: And tho' not us'd in the Leaf with our Sallet furniture, yet the Flowers, a little bitter, are always welcome in Vinegar; but above all, a fresh Sprig or two in a Glass of Wine.
"Acetaria: A Discourse of Sallets"
John Evelyn

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