What is another word for labiatae?

Pronunciation: [lˈe͡ɪbɪˌatiː] (IPA)

Labiatae is a group of flowering plants that is commonly referred to as the mint family. This family is known for their aromatic leaves, square stems and whorled flowers. Synonyms for this term include Lamiaceae, which is widely used in modern botanical terminology. Other common terms include the mint family, dead-nettle family, and sage family. This family is so named because many of its members have labiate flowers and have been used for culinary, medicinal and aromatic purposes throughout history. Overall, this family contains a diverse array of species that range from small, herbaceous plants to large trees, and have a wide range of uses and properties.

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Usage examples for Labiatae

The autumn and winter flowering plants now prevailed here, such as labiatae, which are generally late at this elevation; and grasses, which, though rare in the damp forest regions, are so common on these slopes that I here gathered twenty-six kinds.
"Himalayan Journals V2."
J. D. Hooker
96-101. The grouping or association of diffrent vegetable species, to which we are accustomed to apply the term 'Floras', do not appear to me, from what I have observed in different portions of the earth's surface, to manifest such a predominance of individual families as to justify us in marking the geographical distinctions between the regions of the Umbellatae, of the Solidaginae, of the labiatae, or the Scitamineae.
"COSMOS: A Sketch of the Physical Description of the Universe, Vol. 1"
Alexander von Humboldt
The geologist tells us that the order of the Rosaceae, which includes the Apple, also the true Grasses, and the labiatae, or Mints, were introduced only a short time previous to the appearance of man on the globe.
"Wild Apples"
Henry David Thoreau

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