What is another word for sard?

Pronunciation: [sˈɑːd] (IPA)

Sard, a reddish-brown gemstone, also known as sardonyx, has several synonyms. These include carnelian, chalcedony, agate, and jasper. Carnelian is believed to have healing and calming properties, while chalcedony is thought to balance emotions and improve communication skills. Agate symbolizes protection and strength, while jasper is believed to enhance courage and determination. Sardonyx, a type of onyx, is known for its ability to promote self-control and confidence. The use of these synonyms for sard depends on the context and the intended meaning. Nevertheless, all these gemstones are valued for their beauty, durability, and unique properties.

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Usage examples for Sard

Signor Trevisiani, the barytone from Florence, sings something very depressing, with the refrain,- 'Maladetto sulla terra, Condannato nel ceil sard.
"Erlach Court"
Ossip Schubin
He had turned the deeply-engraved sard with his brown thumb and clenched his fist upon it, but as swiftly changed his mind, and took off the ring and handed it to her.
"The Dop Doctor"
Clotilde Inez Mary Graves
I turned when all were gone, and going heavily to where my sard stood with his head drooping, I climbed to the saddle, and rode at a foot-pace towards the Chateau.
"A Gentleman of France"
Stanley Weyman

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