What is another word for savings bank?

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[ sˈe͡ɪvɪŋz bˈaŋk], [ sˈe‍ɪvɪŋz bˈaŋk], [ s_ˈeɪ_v_ɪ_ŋ_z b_ˈa_ŋ_k]

A savings bank is a financial institution that primarily caters to individuals and small businesses, with the primary goal of promoting saving and thrift. Some of the synonyms for a savings bank include a thrift institution, a savings and loan association, a building society, or a savings association. Although these institutions may differ in their legal structures and approaches to business, they share common goals of promoting savings, offering competitive interest rates, and providing access to a range of financial products and services. Whether you need a safe place to stash your cash, a loan for a major purchase, or personalized financial advice, a savings bank can offer a range of options to help you meet your financial goals.

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