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A depository is a place where something is deposited or stored for safekeeping. However, there are a variety of other synonyms that can be used to describe a depository. These include a repository, storage facility, warehouse, bank, vault, locker, safe, or strongbox. Each of these synonyms implies that something is being kept securely and protected from harm or theft. A depository can come in many different forms, from a simple box or container to a large, reinforced safe in a bank. Regardless of its size or function, a depository is essential for ensuring that valuable or important items are kept safe and secure.

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    A depository is a financial institution that stores corporate or government securities. The first depository institutions were the goldsmiths' shops of the Middle Ages, which kept the coins and other precious metals deposited with them. The first bank in the United States, the Bank of North America, was founded in 1781 as a Middlesex County depository.

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