What is another word for saxhorn?

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[ sˈakshɔːn], [ sˈakshɔːn], [ s_ˈa_k_s_h_ɔː_n]

Saxhorns are brass instruments that were popularly played in the 19th century. The word 'saxhorn' is not one many people would instantly recognise, however, it has a few synonym options. One of the most common alternatives to 'saxhorn' is 'buglehorn' - a brass instrument that resembles a bugle in shape. Another synonym for 'saxhorn' is 'flugelhorn' - a trumpet-like instrument with a conical bore. 'Euphonium' another synonym for 'saxhorn', is a large, round brass instrument with a mellow sound and a fingering system similar to that of a trombone. Lastly, 'cornet' is another synonym for 'saxhorn', which is a similar instrument with a conical bore, typically used in brass bands.

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