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Formation is a versatile word that can be defined as the act of creating or making something out of its constituent parts. When it comes to synonyms, there are several options that can be used interchangeably with formation. Some of the popular synonyms include creation, establishment, construction, development, organization, arrangement, composition, configuration, structure, and setup. Each of these alternatives captures a certain aspect of formation, and can be used depending on the context. For instance, creation is applicable to the process of bringing something new into existence, while establishment connotes the idea of setting up something with a stable and enduring character. Ultimately, the choice of synonym will depend on the intended effect and context of usage.

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How to use "Formation" in context?

Formation, in the context of architecture and engineering, is the process by which a material is transformed into a specific shape or structure. It is often used synonymously with the terms "design" and "manufacture.

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