What is another word for scandinavian?

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[ skˌandɪnˈe͡ɪvi͡ən], [ skˌandɪnˈe‍ɪvi‍ən], [ s_k_ˌa_n_d_ɪ_n_ˈeɪ_v_iə_n]

Scandinavian is a term used to describe people or things that originate from one of the Nordic countries; Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. It has synonyms such as Nordic, Scandinavia, and Nordic countries. The term Nordic is used to describe people from Northern Europe, including Scandinavia, Finland, and Iceland. Scandinavia is used to refer collectively to the countries of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The Nordic countries are defined as Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. These synonyms can be used interchangeably; however, it is important to note that each term has a slightly different connotation and usage. Regardless of which term is used, they all capture the essence of the heritage and culture of this unique region.

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    Usage examples for Scandinavian

    Of the three scandinavian countries, Denmark alone gave any early response to the socialist agitation; but there are now socialist organizations in Sweden and Norway, and the movement in Denmark has assumed considerable dimensions.
    "Contemporary Socialism"
    John Rae
    His intonation was caressing, the speech of a cultivated man, and his accent slightly scandinavian; at times his voice seemed to her as sweetly staccato as a mandolin.
    James Huneker
    She looked as scandinavian as her name.
    James Huneker

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