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Pronunciation: [swˈiːdɪʃ] (IPA)

Swedish, the national language of Sweden, is often associated with Scandinavia's distinct culture and lifestyle. However, there are also several synonyms for the word "Swedish" that can have a broader meaning. For instance, the term "Nordic" can be used to describe anything related to the Scandinavian countries, including Sweden. Another synonym is "Scandinavian," which can also include Denmark, Norway, and Finland. "Swede" is a word that refers specifically to a person from Sweden, while "Svenska" is a term that means "Swedish" in the Swedish language. Overall, these synonyms can serve as alternatives to the term "Swedish" while still conveying a sense of Nordic or Scandinavian heritage.

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Usage examples for Swedish

This is why the swedish artisan can so often take the bread from his mouth.
"Contemporary Socialism"
John Rae
And he had a swedish mother!
William McFee
Measured by the size of its foreign colonies, Chicago is the second Bohemian city in the world, the third swedish, the fourth Polish, and the fifth German.
"History of the United States, Volume 6 (of 6)"
E. Benjamin Andrews

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