What is another word for scorekeeper?

Pronunciation: [skˈɔːkiːpə] (IPA)

A scorekeeper is a person or device responsible for keeping track of the score in a game, sport or competition. There are various synonyms for the word scorekeeper, including umpire, referee, judge, arbiter, tallyman, scorer, marker, comptroller, and record-keeper. An umpire is responsible for making decisions on the pitch in cricket or baseball while a referee officiates in sports such as basketball or football. A judge presides over the score in gymnastics, skating, or diving competitions while an arbiter settles disputes and conflicts. A tallyman keeps a record of the score in board games, a scorer tabulates points in competitive events, and a marker tracks progress in games such as darts or billiards. A comptroller keeps a check on the accuracy of the score, and a record-keeper maintains a historical record of scores.

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It adds much to the interest of the game to have a general umpire and scorekeeper who shall decide which is the winning line, and post the score where the players may see it.
"Games for the Playground, Home, School and Gymnasium"
Jessie H. Bancroft

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