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The word "card" is commonly used to refer to a small, rectangular piece of paper or plastic used for various purposes. However, there are numerous synonyms for "card" that can be used to add variety to your writing. Some common synonyms for "card" include "ID," which stands for identification; "badge," which is often used to refer to an official or professional identification card; "tag," which is often used to refer to a label that can be attached to clothing or other items; and "ticket," which is often used to refer to a pass or entry document. Other synonyms for "card" include "voucher," "coupon," "pass," and "keycard." Using synonyms for "card" can add interest and variety to your writing.

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A card is a small rectangular piece of paper, usually printed on one side, used to facilitate communication. In common usage, the word card often refers to a business card, but it can also refer to other small pieces of paper, such as a menu or a receipt.

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