What is another word for sea scooter?

4 synonyms found


[ sˈiː skˈuːtə], [ sˈiː skˈuːtə], [ s_ˈiː s_k_ˈuː_t_ə]

Synonyms for Sea scooter:

How to use "Sea scooter" in context?

When I first saw the sea scooter in action, I was skeptical. I didn't think it would work. But, I was wrong. It is a really cool invention. I was able to try it out at a water park and it was awesome. The sea scooter is like a miniature bike. You sit on it, and it takes you around the pool. It is really easy to use, and it is fun to ride. It is a great way to get around a water park quickly. I would definitely recommend getting one.

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