What is another word for sea scurvy?

Pronunciation: [sˈiː skˈɜːvi] (IPA)

Sea scurvy, also known as scurvy, is a condition caused by a severe lack of vitamin C in one's diet. This deficiency often occurs during long sea voyages due to limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables. However, synonyms for the term "sea scurvy" are few due to the specificity of the condition. Some can use the phrase "marine scurvy" or simply "scurvy" to refer to the same ailment. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that the term "sea scurvy" is widely recognized and understood within the medical community, conveying the exact meaning and severity of this debilitating condition.

What are the opposite words for sea scurvy?

Sea scurvy, also known as scurvy, is a medical condition caused by vitamin C deficiency. The symptoms usually include fatigue, weakness, and flu-like symptoms, and if left untreated, it can be fatal. In contrast, the antonyms for sea scurvy would be health and vitality. These words connote a state of well-being, vigor, and energy rather than as an indication of sickness or deficiency. One can maintain a healthy body by following a balanced diet, getting enough rest, and exercising regularly. It is important to stay healthy so that one can enjoy life to the fullest.

What are the antonyms for Sea scurvy?

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