What is another word for Selectness?

Pronunciation: [sɪlˈɛktnəs] (IPA)

Selectness is a term that can be used to describe something that has been carefully chosen or selected. There are many other synonyms that can be used to capture this same meaning. For example, you might say that something is handpicked, chosen, or curated. Another term that can be used to express selectness is the word "elite". This term implies that something is of a higher quality or status than others in its category. Other synonyms that can be used to express selectness include "exclusive", "prestigious", and "discriminating". Overall, these synonyms can be used to convey the same message of something being carefully chosen or selected for its particular qualities or attributes.

Synonyms for Selectness:

What are the hypernyms for Selectness?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Usage examples for Selectness

All the mining exhibits-in their Selectness and profusion-gave evidence of the inexhaustible wealth yet stored up for man's future uses notwithstanding the geological fact, that the earth's crust has no great profundity compared with its diameter.
"By Water to the Columbian Exposition"
Johanna S. Wisthaler
A little spurt there was, back towards his own home,-just enough to give something of Selectness to the few who saw him fall,-and then he fell.
"The Eustace Diamonds"
Anthony Trollope
The outstanding characteristic of the new Society is to be its Selectness.
"Natural Law in the Spiritual World"
Henry Drummond

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