What is another word for Sepoy Mutiny?

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[ sˈɛpɔ͡ɪ mjˈuːtɪni], [ sˈɛpɔ‍ɪ mjˈuːtɪni], [ s_ˈɛ_p_ɔɪ m_j_ˈuː_t_ɪ_n_i]

The Sepoy Mutiny is also known as the Indian Rebellion of 1857, the Indian Revolt of 1857, or the First War of Indian Independence. It was an uprising against British rule in India led by Indian sepoys or soldiers who were serving in the British Indian army. The rebellion began with a mutiny of sepoys in Meerut on May 10, 1857, and soon spread across northern and central India. It lasted for over a year before it was finally suppressed by the British. While the event is most commonly known as the Sepoy Mutiny, its various alternative titles serve to highlight the differing perspectives and interpretations of this tumultuous period in India's history.

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      indian rebellion of 1857, Great Resistance, Indian Revolt of 1857.

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