What is another word for Seppuku?

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[ sˈɛpuːkˌuː], [ sˈɛpuːkˌuː], [ s_ˈɛ_p_uː_k_ˌuː]

Seppuku is the Japanese term for ritual suicide by disembowelment, practiced for centuries by samurai as a way of restoring honor to oneself or one's family. While this term is widely known in the West, there are several synonyms or related terms that are often used interchangeably. One such synonym is harakiri, which is the more colloquial word used in Japan to describe ritual suicide. Another term is jigai, which refers specifically to female ritual suicide. The term "kamikaze," which originally meant "divine wind," was also used during World War II to describe suicide missions by Japanese pilots, but this usage is not necessarily related to the traditional practice of seppuku.

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    Usage examples for Seppuku

    For I believe it true that he was not beheaded by the victors at Jokoji, and cast into the ditch as dogs are cast, but committed the honorable Seppuku upon himself.
    "The Way of the Gods"
    John Luther Long
    The story is always approximately the same: That Lane Fleming saw his company drifting reefward, was unwilling to survive the shipwreck, and performed Seppuku.
    "Murder in the Gunroom"
    Henry Beam Piper
    The ancient tradition of Seppuku, continued the Chinaman, or hara-kira, still rules, as you know, in the great families of Japan.
    "The Devil Doctor"
    Sax Rohmer

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