What is another word for insurrection?

Pronunciation: [ɪnsəɹˈɛkʃən] (IPA)

Insurrection is a word that refers to the rebellion or uprising against the established authority. Synonyms for insurrection include revolt, rebellion, mutiny, revolution, coup, sedition, and uprising. Each of these words implies a similar concept of fighting back against an unjust ruler or oppressive government. A revolt can be interpreted as an open and often violent rebellion against the authority. Mutiny is typically used in the military context to refer to soldiers or sailors who rebel against their superiors. Sedition is a more specific term that describes actions aimed at overthrowing the government. The word insurrection may be used interchangeably with these synonyms to convey the sense of a violent and chaotic uprising against the ruling powers.

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The word insurrection denotes a violent uprising or rebellion against authority or government. Some antonyms for insurrection include loyalty, obedience, compliance, and submission; all of which reflect the opposite sentiments of insurrection. Each of these antonyms, in its own way, represents the notion of abiding by the rules and regulations, respecting the law and order, and acknowledging the supremacy of authority, instead of challenging it or rebelling against it. Moreover, words such as tranquility, peace, and harmony also provide antonyms for insurrection, as they signify the absence of unrest, commotion, or disturbance, which are often associated with insurrections.

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Usage examples for Insurrection

The older members of the party, however, began to talk of the Mahdi and the insurrection, for this was the most important matter affecting Egypt.
"In Desert and Wilderness"
Henryk Sienkiewicz
There seems to be growing up a conviction among women that the only door of emancipation is the divorce court, and that the only way to assert their personality is in insurrection.
"The Locusts' Years"
Mary Helen Fee
Besides, when we hear it said, We have indeed an enormous proletariat, but they are too practical to think of insurrection, we ought to reflect that, to the miserable, the practical test of a scheme will not be, Shall we be any the better for the change?
"Contemporary Socialism"
John Rae

Famous quotes with Insurrection

  • I'm totally down with insurrection in the street. I've had a great time with that over the years. insurrection in the voting booth is the other part of the equation.
    Jello Biafra
  • The spirit of revolution, the spirit of insurrection, is a spirit radically opposed to liberty.
    Francois Guizot
  • Nullification means insurrection and war; and the other states have a right to put it down.
    Andrew Jackson
  • I think the difference between El Salvador and Nicaragua is that in Nicaragua you had a popular insurrection, and in El Salvador you had a revolution.
    Bianca Jagger
  • The Sandinista revolution was without any question a popular insurrection.
    Bianca Jagger

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