What is another word for sestina?

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Sestina, a form of poetry consisting of six stanzas of six lines each and a final triplet using six words that repeat in a specific pattern throughout the poem, can be called by various synonyms. Hexastich is considered one of the synonyms for sestina, which comes from the Greek word hex which means six and stichos for line. Another synonym for sestina is "song of sixes," which was coined by Elizabeth Bishop. The term "complex form" is another way to refer to the sestina because it requires a complex structure with a specific rhyme scheme. Lastly, some people refer to sestinas as "word puzzles" because of the difficulty in crafting the repeating words into a coherent poem.

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    How to use "Sestina" in context?

    Sestinas are a particular type of lyric poem, typically composed of six lines that banish all punctuation but a single period. It is said that Leonard Cohen composed his 1956 sestina "So Long, Marianne" in less than 12 minutes, inspired by a French radio broadcast of Henri Salvador's performance of of the same title.

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