What is another word for sextuplet?

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[ sˈɛkstuːplət], [ sˈɛkstuːplət], [ s_ˈɛ_k_s_t_uː_p_l_ə_t]

Sextuplet is a term used to describe six offspring produced in a single pregnancy. Although there are no exact synonyms for this word, there are similar terms that can be used in certain contexts. These include sixfold, hexad, or six-pack. In the medical field, the term multiple births might be used to describe such cases. Additionally, terms like septuplets, octuplets, and nonuplets can be used to indicate the birth of seven, eight, or nine offspring in a single pregnancy. Different languages also have their own terms to describe sextuplets, such as "sextuples" in French, or "sestupleti" in Serbian.

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