What is another word for sextuple?

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[ sˈɛkstuːpə͡l], [ sˈɛkstuːpə‍l], [ s_ˈɛ_k_s_t_uː_p_əl]

Sextuple is a word that refers to six times a certain value. But if you are seeking different words with the same meaning, you could use terms like sixfold, six times, or sixfoldly. You could also substitute sextuple for the phrase 'multiplied by six.' You could say that something is six times its original size or value. Another possible synonym is 'hexadic,' which refers to anything that is related to the number six. Whichever synonym you choose, it is essential to ensure it's the right fit for your context to avoid any confusion.

Synonyms for Sextuple:

How to use "Sextuple" in context?

triplets quadruplets quintuplets sextuplets septuplets octuplets nonuple

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